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School Bus Safety

All parents are concerned about the safety of their children traveling to and from school. Because of this, many parents elect to drive their children or have them driven by another adult. They believe their children are safest in a private car.

The fact is buses offer the safest form of road travel to school.

Parents And Carers

Parents and Carers can help with school bus safety by:-

Taking your child to the bus stop in the morning and waiting on the correct side of the road for the bus to arrive

  • Never leave young children alone at the bus stop
  • Wait a safe distance away from the road at the bus stop
  • When the bus arrives at the stop, make sure the driver can see your child at all times
  • Make sure they have their bus pass or money ready for the driver

Meeting your child at the bus stop in the afternoon and waiting on the side of the road the bus stops on

  • Be on time when meeting your child
  • Move away from the bus when you have met your child at the bus door
  • Wait until the bus has driven away and until there is plenty of visibility in both directions before crossing any road

By following these simple suggestions you can help us keep your children safe.

In adverse weather conditions contact the office for any timetable changes and/or check the website.

For more information on School Bus Safety visit the Safety Town website developed by Transport for NSW as an educational resource for NSW Students in Years 5 and 6 about road safety for students. The website also includes a bus safety video which you can watch below.

Care For Children

We are very aware of the need to care for children travelling on our buses. When children get onto the wrong school bus, the driver will contact the depot or arrange to transfer the child to the correct bus or keep them on the bus until the bus returns to the depot. We will contact you where we have been provided with contact details.


40km/h Speed Limit For Traffic Passing A School Bus

There is a 40km/h speed limit for traffic passing a school bus that is picking up or setting down school children. The speed limit is for all traffic travelling the same direction as the bus, whether the bus is stationary or moving.

The 40km/h speed limit must be observed when the rear ‘wig wag’ lights on the bus are flashing. Flashing headlights on these buses also alert oncoming motorists that children are close.