NSW Government Travel and Transport Advice

Long Distance, Tourist and Charter Services

The NSW Government information in the shaded section below applies to accredited bus and coach operators providing Long Distance, Tourist and Charter (LDTC) services in NSW. It does not apply to regular passenger and dedicated school services provided under Transport for NSW contracts.

This notice can be carried by a driver of a bus or coach providing a LDTC service in NSW, and can be presented to a NSW Police Officer or representative of a relevant NSW Government Authority who is seeking to understand the physical distancing and capacity rules for vehicles providing LDTC services in NSW.

Community and private bus operators, including inter-regional and charter bus services

Long distance bus travel such as inter-regional bus services or charter buses (which includes buses hired for group travel and tour buses) are not currently restricted under the COVID-19 Public Health Orders. However, bus companies need to provide a safe environment for their customers and staff.

Source: This information is available from the NSW Government’s website at the following link: The information can be found under “Travel guidance” via the dropdown box titled “Community and private bus operators” and is current as of 27 August 2020.

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